Coming in December, Inktober 2019 Sketchbook. Features 20 of the 31 drawings from last months Inktober challenge event. Click here to see the 31 drawings from last month.

Plus, subscibe to my YouTube Channel. Lots of videos here.

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Will Lill Comics is the self-publishing home of Warren Montgomery. With 30+ years of comic book experience, Warren has provided lettering and coloring for many publishers.

Publishers include: Boneyard Press, London Night Studios, Brainstorm Comics, Bluewater Comics, Boom! Studios, Lion Forge Comics, Albatross Funnybooks. Titles include: Razor, Adventure Time, Toil and Trouble, Over The Garden Wall, Jim Henson's The Storyteller, 'Namwolf, Galaktikon, Hillbilly, and more.

Self-published titles include: Monty's World, John Kirby: Firefox, Fun Adventure Comics!.

You can check out his online DeviantArt gallery here.
Read his interview at Lo-Fi Fonts here.

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